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Alternative forms[edit]

  • k̲'atx̲áan
  • gʌtx̲an



  1. male-bodied person who lives as a woman
  2. coward

See also[edit]


  • Smithsonian contributions to anthropology (1972):
    page 647: Gʌtx̲an hɪt [Coward House]
    page 897: [The gʌtx̲an acts like a woman, although it was not known whether he[sic] wore woman's clothes. He is supposed to be very strong, so no matter what they do, he won't die. Although there may have been others, there is only one about whom stories are told.
  • Sabine Lang, Men as Women, Women as Men →ISBN, 2010): Tlingit gatxan were likewise supposed to have occurred in a particular family line. A woman from this "sib" had married the Sun and brought a gatxan into the world as her eighth child. Because of this, gatxan were continually reincarnated in this line []