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ge- (both sexes (or: of any sex)) +‎ junuloj (youths)


  • IPA(key): /ɡejuˈnuloi̯/
  • Hyphenation: ge‧ju‧nu‧loj


gejunuloj (accusative gejunulojn)

  1. (plural only, dated) youths, including both female(s) and male(s)
    • 1912 April, Gartner, Michael, “Sub Kaŝtana Arbo”, in Amerika Esperantisto, volume 11, number 3, page 23:
      Laŭ soleca vojeto vagas paro da gejunuloj. Ili ĝuas la belaĵojn, sed evidente trovas pli multe da ĉarmo en reciprokaj rigardoj.
      Along a lonely pathway wanders a young couple. They enjoy the beautiful sights, but obviously find more charm in reciprocal looks.

Usage notes[edit]

Dated construction by writers who understood junulo as a masculine noun. Since junulo is gender-neutral now, the ge- prefix is superfluous, unless one wishes to emphasize that a group of friends includes both females and males.