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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old English gemōt (meeting, council, moot, encounter), equivalent to ge- +‎ mote



gemote (plural gemotes)

  1. A public meeting.
  2. A judicial assembly.
    • 1895, Geoff Horton, The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Principal Saints
      Each division had a court subordinate to those that were superior, the highest in each shire being the shire-gemot, or folck-mote, ...
  3. An assembly, council.
    • 1876, John Richard Green, Stray Studies from England and Italy
      his conquest of the realm was followed by the gathering of a new gemote at Oxford ...


gemote (third-person singular simple present gemotes, present participle gemoting, simple past and past participle gemoted)

  1. To unite, assemble.
    • 1778, Thomas Chatterton, The Rowley Poems
      I will to the West, and gemote alle the knyghtes