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Apparently coined by Sir Francis Galton, from geno- +‎ -philia.


genophilia (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Love of one's own relations, tribe, kind or race.
    • 2007 September 11, MFOgilvie, “Genocide Against Westerners”, in, Usenet[1]:
      Although cultural Marxists have tried to extirpate it from Western man's memory, there remains the ancient, conservative notion of a nation, one rooted in ancestry, kith and kin, and genophilia.
    • 2013, James Ohwofasa Akpeninor, Merger Politics of Nigeria and Surge of Sectarian Violence, →ISBN, page 317:
      Some critics have maintained that (unlike modern nationalism, which is a creation of the 19th century nation state) authentic nationalism (as the Latin 'natio' would suggest) must be based in some form of genophilia and the sharing of ancestors in which sense The Vatican does not qualify as a nation-state since membership of Catholicism are scattered all over the world with no possible ties of ancestry pedigree.
    • 2013 May, Moisés Damián Perales Escudero, “Teaching intercultural awareness in the English as a foreign language classroom: a case study using critical reading”, in Intercultural Education:
      Neocons celebrate this Marxist notion of a 'propositional nation,' because it removes the historic prerequisites of nationhood: borders, a common language, history and genealogy, blood and soil, kith and kin, and genophilia (instinctive attachment to family and tribe)
    • 2016 January 25, “Open Drum: Blood on the Southern Cross”, in ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News:
      There are certain ethnic groups who choose to form relatively exclusive communities based on their race. Most Australians are even OK with this. However, there are some who do not extend the freedom to express genophilia to white Australians.
  2. (rare) Love of children, or a desire to have children.
    • 1950, The Manchester Guardian Weekly - Volume 63, page 171:
      The tragedy was that the narrator, lacking genophilia, or love of children, should have got his wife with child.
    • 1953, “The Inheritance of Fertility”, in Eugenics Review, page 75:
      There is a suggestion that the relationship between the fertility of the women and of their parents is closer in the group practising contraception (where perhaps genetic and nurtural factors for genophilia come into play).
    • 2016, EA Andriyanova, IY Aranovich, AV Katkova, & EV Chernyshkova, “Targets for psychocorrectional work with pregnant women with a confirmed diagnosis of miscarriage”, in International Annual Edition of Applied Psychology: Theory, Research, and Practice:
      Analyzing the scale "genophilia-genophobia", it should be mentioned that the vast majority of women surveyed had imagination of genophilia type (35 women - 97.2%).