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geomancie (uncountable)

  1. Obsolete spelling of geomancy
    • 1594, Robert Greene, Frier Bacon & Frier Bongay
      Bungay. Let it be this, whether the spirites of piromancie or Geomancie, be most predominant in magick.
      Vander. I say of Piromancie.
      Bungay. And I of Geomancie.
    • 1620, J. Melton, Astrologaster
      Sometimes they answer to that they are called for, by divers figures Men or Women set in polisht Stone, Iton, Brasse, Steele, Glasse, or the Nayles of ones hand; and this is called by the generall Name of Geomancie: And most commonly to such as these, they chuse out Women and Children.