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From geophysical +‎ -ly


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˌdʒiː.əʊˈfɪz.ɪk.(ə.)li/


geophysically (not comparable)

  1. In a geophysical manner; in terms of geophysics.
    • 1964, National Research Council (U.S.). Panel on Solid Earth Problems, “Related problems in Geology”, in Solid-earth geophysics: survey and outlook[1], page 113:
      In some parts of South America the geology is as well known as in parts of North America, but in other geophysically important areas much remains to be done
    • 1993, William D. Heran, Patricia L. Hill, Geological Survey (U.S.), D. B. Hoover, editor, The Geophysical Expression of Selected Mineral Deposit Models[2], ISBN 9781568063591, page 3:
      The title section identifies the Cox and Singer (1986) model or models, model number, the comilers and geophysically similar models.
    • 2001, M.Oluic, D. Cvijanovic, S. Romandic, Gérard Bégni, editor, Observing our environment from space: new solutions for a new millennium : proceedings of the 21st EARSeL Symposium, Paris, France, 14-16 May 2001[3], published 2002, ISBN 9789058092540, Seismotectonic activity in Dinaric Alps based on satellite data and geophysical survey, page 265:
      The region mentioned has been geophysically researched (deep geoelectric, geomagnetic, gravity), too.