get one's feet wet

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get one's feet wet

  1. (idiomatic) To begin gaining experience; to tentatively try something new.
    Let the new hire do that project so she can get her feet wet.
    Why don't you try getting your feet wet on the beginner slopes.
    • 1991 September 9, Sharon LaFraniere, "Despite achievement, Thomas felt isolated," Washington Post (retrieved 14 August 2018):
      Thomas barely got his feet wet at the Education Department before he was sworn in nine months later as EEOC commissioner.
    • 2011 May 24, Kayla Webley, "Health and Medical Preparatory Programs," Time (retrieved 14 August 2018):
      These programs, often offered by community colleges and vocational schools, can offer students a way to get their feet wet in the medical field without committing to the years of school and expertise it takes to become a doctor.