get stuffed

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get stuffed!

  1. (Britain, colloquial, dismissal, euphemistic) Used to tell somebody to go away or to leave one alone.
    Get stuffed! I don't want to talk to you again!
    • 1992, Émile Zola, Douglas Parmée (translator), Nana, 1998, page 243,
      Eventually, she heard him say something in his deliberate, gruff voice: just two words:
      Get stuffed!”
    • 2007, James Hosier, Getting Stuffed, John Patrick (editor), Dreamboys: A New Collection of Erotic Tales, page 130,
      “You could wear them at fancy dress parties,” I suggested.
      Get stuffed!” he growled.
    • 2010, Jeff Wright, Sage, Dead Gorgeous[1], page 593:
      “And what, pray tell, is that? Money? Well, you can get stuffed!” he said sitting down in the chair.

Usage notes[edit]

An only slightly more polite version of get fucked.