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get this

  1. Used to emphasize or call attention to the next thing that is said.
    • 2015, Suzanne Brockmann, Get Lucky, →ISBN:
      She opened her eyes about an hour after Blue arrived, and—get this! She looks at him and she goes, 'I'm bald. They had to shave my head.'
    • 2017 May 13, Barney Ronay, “Antonio Conte’s brilliance has turned Chelsea’s pop-up team into champions”, in the Guardian[1]:
      Plus Kanté is something new. Get this: Chelsea have the most popular player in the league, a man nobody could seriously boo, albeit even the notably lovable Kanté is perhaps a little fetishised in his humility, his scooter-riding, the Premier League’s own friendly, scuttling Bilbo Baggins.