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s'ghetti (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of sketti
    • 1971 David Gottlieb & Anne Lienhard Heinsohn, America's other youth: growing up poor, Prentice-Hall, p199
      "I like the s'ghetti one with cheese best cause it's goooood!"
    • 1996 Amanda Stevens, Fade to Black, Silhouette, p161
      "That way, he never gets s'ghetti on his shirt." With both hands, he picked up the pizza slice, took a huge bite, then held it out as far as his arms could reach, trailing cheese across the antique white lace tablecloth.
    • 1998 David R. Olson & Nancy Torrance, The handbook of education and human development: new models of learning, teaching and schooling, Wiley-Blackwell, p188
      RICKY: I had long s'ghetti. / TEACHER: You had that long spaghetti?
    • 2003 Meals in minutes, Gooseberry Patch, p95
      Pork & Bean S'ghetti
    • 2008 Andrea Edwards, A secret and a bridal pledge, Silhouette Books
      "Mommy's s'ghetti is really good," Jenny said.
    • 2009, Richard LeMieux, Breakfast at Sally's: One Homeless Man's Inspirational Journey, Skyhorse Publishing Inc., p341
      "S'ghetti!" he said. / Dorothea laughed. "Oh, you'll get it someday."