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Irish ghillies (noun sense 1)


ghillie (plural ghillies)

  1. A low-cut type of shoe with decorative lacing.
  2. Alternative spelling of gillie.
    • 1998, M. C. Beaton [pseudonym; Marion Chesney], chapter 1, in Death of a Scriptwriter (A Hamish Macbeth Mystery), New York, N.Y.: Mysterious Press, →ISBN:
      [H]e said, "I hae the day off tomorrow. I'll take ye out on the Anstey if ye want." This met with Patricia's ideas of what was right or fitting. Fishing on a Scottish river with a policeman as ghillie was socially acceptable to her mind.


ghillie (third-person singular simple present ghillies, present participle ghillying, simple past and past participle ghillied)

  1. Alternative spelling of gillie.

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