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ghost +‎ hunter


ghosthunter (plural ghosthunters)

  1. A person who attempts to track down ghosts.
    • 1992, Blanche Barton, The secret life of a Satanist: the authorized biography of Anton LaVey
      His reputation as a ghosthunter grew stronger and others began contacting him for investigations and "exorcisms."
    • 1999, John Clute, John Grant, The encyclopedia of fantasy
      The most prolific and successful German horror writer of the Hefte is Helmut Rellergerd (1945-), who writes as Jason Dark about a ghosthunter named John...
    • 2004, Tom Ruffles, Ghost images: cinema of the afterlife
      The Frighteners (1996) has a ghosthunter, Frank, working with a trio of ghosts who infest premises that he then clears.
    • 2005, John B Kachuba, Ghosthunting Illinois
      The last two years have certainly made me a ghosthunter, perhaps not in the intensive style exhibited by ghosthunter clubs and "professional" ghosthunters...

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