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gigantus +‎ -cide


giganticide (plural giganticides)

  1. The killing of a giant.
    • 1864, William Evans Burton, The Cyclopædia of Wit and Humor
      As they scarce make a capital crime of infanticide, / There can't be any harm in a little giganticide.
  2. One who kills a giant, giant-killer.
    • 1863, Theodore Winthrop, Life in the Open Air
      ...tore through the briers, and plunged through the punk of trees older than history, now rotting where they fell, slain by Time the Giganticide.
    • 1887, George Dawson, Georges St Clair, Biographical Lectures
      ...the wonderful tales of the giganticide of old, of the German mythology, and our own rich nursery lore...