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From Gamilaraay gilgaay (small water hole).



gilgai (plural gilgais)

  1. (Australia) A small concavity or depression between ridges, where rainwater gathers.
    • 1988, Tom Cole, Hell West and Crooked, Angus & Robertson, 1995, p.160,
      Though it wasn′t a heavy storm it was enough to put water in gilgai holes and scatter the horses.
    • 2005, Randall J. Schaetzl, Sharon Anderson, Soils: Genesis and Geomorphology, page 283,
      Argilliturbation is manifested within Vertisol profiles and on the surface as gilgai microtopography, with relief exceeding commonly 15 cm (Fig. 10.35).
    • 2007, Richard Webster, Margaret A. Oliver, Geostatistics for Environmental Scientists, page 140,
      One of its most remarkable features is its patterns of gilgai. The gilgais are small, almost circular depressions from a few centimetres to as much as 50 cm deep in the plain and several metres across.