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Coined in the television series Red Dwarf, possibly from gimp +‎ -oid.


gimboid (plural gimboids)

  1. (slang, derogatory, Britain) An incompetent person.
    • 2003, "bewtifulfreak", Did I post this yet? (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      You can blame that primarily on George Dubbya "I wanna rule tha world" Bush and all the gimboids who voted for him.
    • 2003, "Tim Hill", Bizarre audio CD protection (discussion on Internet newsgroup comp.sys.acorn.misc)
      A great deal of rap (both commercial and non) is made by talentless gimboids.
    • 2005, Andy P Field, Discovering Statistics Using SPSS
      Actually it doesn't, they just think you're a sad gimboid.