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Alternative forms[edit]


An alteration of gypsy, which is in turn an alteration of Egyptian.



gippo (plural gippos or gippoes)

  1. (Britain, offensive, slang) A Gypsy.
  2. (Britain, offensive, slang, rare) An Egyptian.
  3. (Britain, military, slang) Gravy.
    • 2006, George H. Coward, Coward's War:
      He had his “dinner” in his canteen and placed it on the ground to go and “scrounge” a chunk of bread to help “fill up”, and as soon as he turned his back a dog walked in at the door of the barn, where we were “in residence” as they say “higher up”, [only we “flew no flag”], and started lapping up some of the “gippo”, [gravy] of which the said dinner was composed [in fact 'twas more “gippo” than dinner that day, so who could blame a dog for being mistaken].
    • 2006, Mildred Joan Tulip, My experiences as a VAD nurse:
      They were always asking for ‘more gippo’ (gravy) which we got for them if we could.