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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of glasses (specs) +‎ asshole. From the behaviour of Google Glass users, and similar spec-based camera-equipped PDAs with eye displays.


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glasshole (plural glassholes)

  1. (derogatory, slang) a person who wears spectacle frames equipped with PDAs (especially with cameras) that display into the user's eyes, and who acts like a jerk or films inappropriately.
    • 2015, Tom Bruno, Wearable Technology: Smart Watches to Google Glass for Libraries, Rowman & Littlefield →ISBN, page 97
      Do “explore the world around you,” Google exhorts its users; on the other hand, don't “be creepy or rude (aka a 'Glasshole').” That Google recognizes the pejorative slang term “Glasshole” in its own documentation is telling, for it shows that ...
    • 2015, Rob Enderle, How the Windows Phone Could Rise Up and Dominate, Tech News World
      ... and create a technology you wear like glasses -- without looking like a glasshole ...
    • 2014, Vamien McKalin, Hate Glassholes? Now you can jam their Wi-Fi connection and expose them, TechTimes
      No one likes a Glasshole because they are usually unpredictable in their actions.
    • 2013, Molly Klinefelter, Don’t Be a Google Glasshole: 10 Etiquette Tips, Laptop Magazine
      Put another way, there could be a lot of “Glassholes” out there.