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From Ancient Greek γλαυκώψ (glaukṓps, with blue-grey eyes)


glaucope (plural glaucopes)

  1. A person with dark hair and blue eyes
    • 1946, Reginald Ruggles Gates, Human Genetics, page 95:
      On this basis various genotypes may be listed as follows: EEHH - Fast dark, EEHh - Medium dark with a cyanope stage, EeHH - Medium dark with a glaucope state, EdHh - Slow dark with intermediate stage variable.
    • 1953, Alan H. Kelso De Montigny, International Anthropological and Linguistic Review, page 61:
      The cyanope type (brown eyes, blond hair) and the glaucope type (blue eyes, black hair) probably arose independently as mutations, the glaucope being earlier in the European population, i.e., the mutation to blue eyes probably occurred before the mutation to fair hair.
    • 1957, Eugenics review - Volumes 48-49, page 112-113:
      The most numerous in each war period had blue or grey eyes and dark hair (" glaucope ") but the percentage of such types fell from 47 to 40 per cent between the two samples, while those with fair hair and light eyes (" blond ") rose from 16 to 19 per cent.

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