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From Latin gluto or glutto of the same meaning, from glutus or gluttus meaning "throat" and "absorption"


glouton m (feminine singular gloutonne, masculine plural gloutons, feminine plural gloutonnes)

  1. (of a man or animal) Gluttonous; devouring or engulfing one's food greedily.
    Cet enfant a toujours été glouton. - This child has always been gluttonous.
    Le loup est un animal glouton. - The wolf is a gluttonous animal.
  2. (figuratively) Gluttonous; having a great greed toward something.
    Avec de prodigieuse vitesse de réaction, certaines enzymes sont gloutonnes en substrat. - With an extaordianry reaction rate, certain enzymes are gluttonous of their substrate.


Derived terms[edit]


Un glouton

glouton m (plural gloutons, feminine gloutonne)

  1. Glutton, a mammalian carnivore of the Arctic regions resembling a small bear with a hairy tail.
    • Le glouton est un animal solitaire.
      The glutton is a solitary animal.
  2. Glutton; a person or animal who eats his food greedily.
    • Ce glouton se jette sur son assiette.
      This glutton throws himself onto his plate.



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