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go it (third-person singular simple present goes it, present participle going it, simple past went it, past participle gone it)

  1. (informal) To misbehave, to carry on.
    • 1991, Stephen Fry, The Liar, page 32:
      ‘Perhaps you would like to tell me what kept you?’
      ‘Not really, sir.’
      Something of a gasp ran around the form-room. This was going it a bit strong, even for Healey.
      ‘I beg your pardon?’
  2. (informal) To proceed, to make progress.
    • 1873, John Camden Hotten, The Slang Dictionary
      Boot after boot was tried on until at last a fit was obtained, when in rushed a man, snatched up the customer's hat left near the door, and ran down the street as fast as his legs could carry him. Away went the customer after his hat, and Crispin, standing at the door, clapped his hands, and shouted, “Go it, you'll catch him!”—little thinking that it was a concerted trick, and that neither his boots nor the customer would ever return.