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goggle-eyed (comparative more goggle-eyed, superlative most goggle-eyed)

  1. Having prominent eyes; with the eyes widely opened or protruding, either naturally or from astonishment or curiosity.
    Synonym: boggle-eyed
    • 1783, William Beckford, Dreams, Waking Thoughts, and Incidents[1], Letter 13:
      [] now and then we met a goggle-eyed pilgrim trudging along, and staring about him as if he waited only for night and opportunity to have additional reasons for hurrying to Jerusalem.
    • 1958 March 10, Time:
      Urging a Harvard University audience to bridge "the gulf between scientific and nonscientific cultures," England's Sir Charles P. Snow, physicist and novelist, mapped the abyss by noting: "I've often asked distinguished English writers and the like a rather simple question, such as 'What idea, if any, do you have of the second law of thermodynamics?', and an air of goggle-eyed stupefaction comes over the party.
    • 1974, Esther Pasztory, The Iconography of the Teotihuacan Tlaloc, Studies in Pre-Columbian Art and Archaeology No. 15, Dumbarton Oaks, Trustees for Harvard University, Washington, D.C., p. [2]
      The frequency of goggle-eyed figures and water symbolism in Teotihuacan art has misled investigators into assuming that ll figures with these associations represent Tlaloc.
    • 1993, Bob Cryer, Hansard, Mines health and safety, 26 October, 1993, [3]
      The Minister knew that it was controversial, but as he is an arrogant, right-wing, goggle-eyed extremist, he does not care.