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gooch (plural gooches)

  1. (slang) The perineum.
    • 2008, Blueprint, Issues 266-269, unknown page:
      For those unfamiliar, Johnson helpfully informs us that 'it's for your gooch, your Biffin's bridge, your perineum (the bit on your bum that after days in the saddle starts to chaffe).'
    • 2012, James T Medak, My, What Ticklish Feet You Have, The Nazca Plains Corporation (2012), ISBN 9781610982924, page 59:
      The feather traced the crevices in Dan's ball-skin. It danced lightly around his gooch (it really liked that, staying there for a whole ten minutes). It traced along the inside of his thigh, and then lightly licked the base [of] Dan's cock.
    • 2013, Geoffrey Girard, Project Cain, Simon & Schuster BFYR (2013), ISBN 9781442476967, unnumbered page:
      His whole life Albert Fish had this habit/fascination with jamming sewing needles up into his gooch, that weird little area between your ass and balls.