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gordian (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of Gordian
    • 2000 May 26, Kim Nasmyth et al., “Splitting the Chromosome: Cutting the Ties That Bind Sister Chromatids”, in Science[1], volume 288, number 5470, DOI:10.1126/science.288.5470.1379, pages 1379-1384:
      The final disentanglement of sister chromatids can only be achieved by cleavage of the "gordian knot" by separin.
    • 1818, John Keats, Endymion[2]:
      This fire, like the eye of gordian snake, Bewitch'd me towards; and I soon was near A sight too fearful for the feel of fear: In thicket hid I curs'd the haggard scene-- 500 The banquet of my arms, my arbour queen, Seated upon an uptorn forest root; And all around her shapes, wizard and brute, Laughing, and wailing, groveling, serpenting, Shewing tooth, tusk, and venom-bag, and sting!