granary tree

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granary tree (plural granary trees)

  1. A tree used by acorn woodpeckers to store acorns.
    • 2001, Living Bird, volumes 20-21, page 40:
      If the acorn is to be stored rather than eaten, the bird brings it to the granary tree and drives it into a vacant storage hole.
    • 2010, Six Rivers National Forest (N.F.), Beaverslide Timber Sale and Fuel Treatment Project: Environmental Impact Statement:
      One granary tree can have up to 50,000 holes in it, each holding a single acorn. In parts of its range the acorn woodpecker does not construct a granary tree, but instead stores acorns in natural holes and cracks in bark.
    • 2011, Peter Goodfellow, Avian Architecture: How Birds Design, Engineer, and Build:
      These three birds are at a “granary tree” or “nut pole,” where there are many stored acorns, but no grain, despite the name.