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Coined by Kurt Vonnegut in the 1963 science fiction novel, Cat's Cradle, in which Vonnegut described the term as referencing a false karass, or "a proud and meaningless association of human beings"; later adopted by market researchers and social scientists



granfalloon (plural granfalloons)

  1. A group of two or more people who imagine or are manipulated to believe they share a connection based on some circumstance of little or no real significance.
    • 2012: "Celebrity Nintendo Ads Offend the Gamer Granfalloon" by Ryan Rigney, Wired
      Gamers are nothing but members of an enormous granfalloon. The word [gamers] totally fails to accurately describe anything about a person when it comes to capturing their interests in interactive entertainment, and yet many gaming enthusiasts cling to the term and make it a facet of their identity.
    • 2017: "Like it Was Yesterday, West Tisbury Celebrates 125 Years" by Vivian Ewing, Vineyard Gazette
      While he called West Tisbury pride a “granfalloon” he also admitted to being unable to live in any other town.