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great-grandparent +‎ -hood


great-grandparenthood (uncountable)

  1. The state of being a great-grandparent.
    • 1968, Otis Howard Green, Spain and the Western tradition: The Castilian Mind in Literature from El Cid to Calderón, page 202:
      He and Segismunda enjoy happiness and prosperity and eventually take delight in great-grandparenthood.
    • 2000, Ruth Karola Westheimer, Dr. Steven Kaplan, Grandparenthood, page 46:
      Indeed, great-grandparenthood can be said to occupy much the same niche today as grandparenthood did a century ago: not all that common and little understood.
    • 2009, John C. Cavanaugh, Fredda Blanchard-Fields, Adult Development and Aging, page 442:
      Three aspects of great-grandparenthood appear to be most important.