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great +‎ hearted


great-hearted (comparative more great-hearted, superlative most great-hearted)

  1. Alternative form of greathearted
    • 2010, Les Carlyon, The Great War, →ISBN, page 752:
      But it was surely true – on the basis of what they had done, where they had been and the time they had been away – that they were, as Bean put it, great-hearted men. What was the nation going to do for great-hearted men?
    • 2000, Curtis Hutson, Great Preaching on Comfort, →ISBN, page 143:
      And Bobbie Burns, that great-hearted man, stopped and put his hand on the head of little Walter and, speaking words of inspiration and cheer, said, "You can be a great writer someday, Walter, and you will be."