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  1. plural of grief
    • c. 1600, Thomas North, Plutarch’s Lives; republished as “Extracts from the Life of Theseus”, in Walter W[illiam] Skeat, editor, Shakespeare’s Plutarch: Being a Selection from the Lives in North’s Plutarch Which Illustrate Shakespeare’s Lives. [] , London: Macmillan and Co., 1875, page 281:
      The time now being come about for payment of the third tribute, when they came to compel the fathers which had children not yet married, to give them to be put forth to take their chance and lot: the citizens of Athens began to murmur against Ægeus, alleging for their grieves6, that he, who only was the cause of all this evil, was only alone exempted from this grief. [] / 6 griefs.
    • 2000, Robert J. Walker, “Houston, We Have a Problem”, in The Plan of Salvation, Brushton, N.Y.: TEACH Services, Inc., →ISBN, page 22:
      I am aware that what I am asking of you will mean I will be despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and the people will hide as it were their faces from me. I will be despised, and will be esteemed not. But, let me bear their grieves and carry their sorrows even though they will esteem me stricken, smitten of you and afflicted. [] (Based on Isaiah 53:1–5).
    • 2005, Mahjubah, page 15, columns 2–3:
      Sometimes the grief of having lost a beloved person is so strong that the bereaved person decides not to love anybody anymore, because the same possibility of losing him or her is still there. [] Those who keep silent and do not talk to people about their grieves will achieve divine mercy.
  2. plural of grieve



  1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of grieve




grieves f pl

  1. feminine plural of grief