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  1. grog (alcoholic beverage made with rum and water, especially that once issued to sailors of the Royal Navy)
  2. A simple mixed drink, consisting of one liquor component, most commonly whisky or vodka, and one mixer, typically a soda or plain water with ice.


Inflection of grogi (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative grogi grogit
genitive grogin grogien
partitive grogia grogeja
illative grogiin grogeihin
singular plural
nominative grogi grogit
accusative nom. grogi grogit
gen. grogin
genitive grogin grogien
partitive grogia grogeja
inessive grogissa grogeissa
elative grogista grogeista
illative grogiin grogeihin
adessive grogilla grogeilla
ablative grogilta grogeilta
allative grogille grogeille
essive grogina grogeina
translative grogiksi grogeiksi
instructive grogein
abessive grogitta grogeitta
comitative grogeineen

Usage notes[edit]

The more elaborate mixed drinks are called cocktail or sometimes koktaili in Finnish.

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