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highball (plural highballs)

  1. A cocktail made from a spirit plus soda water etc.
  2. (rail transport) An all clear or full speed ahead signal.
  3. (climbing) A very high bouldering problem, often with a hard landing.
    • 2014, EpicTV.com
      Austrian all rounder Alex Luger climbs what he describes as a highball boulder problem and what most people would call a solo.

Derived terms[edit]



highball (third-person singular simple present highballs, present participle highballing, simple past and past participle highballed)

  1. To make an estimate which tends toward exaggeration.
    If we highball the price, it comes out to $240. If we lowball it, it's closer to $200.
  2. (slang, rare or erroneous) To move quickly; to hightail.