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Alternative forms[edit]


gumpth (uncountable)

  1. Misspelling of gumpth. (excess)
    • 2000 August 13, Ralph Barrett, “Subject: Re: Empty Newsgroup?”, uk.railway, Usenet
      Also it remembers your 'place' in the thread. Next time you log on, you don't have to re-read all the same old gumpth<sp?> all over again.
    • 2000 December 9, Barry Glynn, “Re: Conversion Stories?”, alt.christnet.atheism, alt.christnet.theology, alt.religion.christian, and alt.religion.christian.biblestudy, Usenet
      I was only given the gumpth from the Bible as the Church of England saw it and it was pretty forthright. Fortunately my parents didn'[t] suffocate me with it as well and I made my own mind....
    • 2003, August 15, David Nixon, “Re: First CTRL passenger run”, uk.railway, Usenet work they've had lots of publicity about 300 people queuing up for tickets and other such gumpth!