gun lobby

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gun lobby (plural gun lobbies)

  1. (chiefly US, politics) An organized group which attempts to influence public policy and law with respect to firearms, especially as an advocate of ownership of and access to firearms by individual citizens.
    • 1981, James J. Kilpatrick, "Proposals On Handguns And Bail Would Help To Stem Violent Crime," St. Petersburg Independent, 25 Sept., p. 19A (retrieved 2 Feb. 2010):
      Congress must stand up to the gun lobby.
    • 2009, Michael A. Lindenberger, "Ten Years After Columbine, It's Easier to Bear Arms," Time, 20 April:
      But efforts like Woods' are up against powerful headwinds — and not just because of the powerful gun lobby that often strangles gun-control laws.