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gyno- (woman) +‎ -andry (man)


gynandry (usually uncountable, plural gynandries)

  1. Hermaphroditism, intersexuality; androgyny; resemblance (by a member of one sex) of another sex.
    • 1963, Journal of Genetics:
      On the whole therefore we may conclude that the preponderance of Linyphiidae in the records of gynandry fairly represents the actual state of things. And, briefly, the British figures stand thus—in 232 species of the Linyphiidae we have 7 ...
    • 1977, British Arachnological Society, Bulletin:
      An interpretation of this specimen is difficult, and the comprehensive paper by Roberts & Parker (1973) does not help in defining these anomalous examples from the solifugids; in fact we cannot relate them to gynandry, intersexuality or  []
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:gynandry.

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