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gyno- +‎ -ergy, coined by Emily Culpepper in a conversation in Leverett, Massachusetts, in 1983.[1]


gynergy (uncountable)

  1. Female creative energy.
    • 2008, Wise, Constance, Hidden Circles In The Web: Feminist Wicca, Occult Knowledge, and Process Thought, Lanham: AltaMira, →ISBN, OL 16443319M, page 126:
      The patterns of racism and gynergy exist, I contend, separate from and prior to the humans who currently affirm these ideas.
    • 2010 December 26, Corbett, Sara, “Gyno-theologian”, in New York Times Magazine[1], ISSN 0028-7822, page 14:
      The world could be so cockaludicrous, so full of snools and dickspeakers. Everybody was losing their gynergy.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:gynergy.


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