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gyrotropy +‎ -ization


gyrotropization (plural gyrotropizations)

  1. Conversion to gyrotropic motion
    • 2016, Kota Hirabayashi, Masahiro Hoshino, Takanobu Amano, “A new framework for magnetohydrodynamic simulations with anisotropic pressure”, in arXiv[1]:
      In this paper, we demonstrate that this singularity can be completely removed away by the combination of direct use of the 2nd-moment of the Vlasov equation and an ingenious gyrotropization model.
    • 2017, M. Gedalin, “Rankine‐Hugoniot Relations in Multispecies Plasma With Gyrotropic Anisotropic Downstream Ion Distributions”, in Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics:
      Gyrotropization occurs at scales substantially larger than the shock width. Isotropization is much slower than gyrotropization and occurs at even significantly larger scales.