hôm qua

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hôm (day) +‎ qua (past).



hôm qua

  1. yesterday
    • (Can we date this quote?), “Đi học [Going to School]”, Hoàng Minh Chính (lyrics), Bùi Đình Thảo (music):
      Hôm qua em tới trường,
      Mẹ dắt tay từng bước ớ ơ.
      Hôm nay mẹ lên nương,
      Một mình em đến lớp.
      Yesterday, as I was on my way to school
      Mom was holding my hand the whole time.
      Today, Mom goes to work on the terrace,
      I go to school on my own.

Usage notes[edit]

  • In fast and informal speech, hôm is often reduced to a barely audible syllabic nasal or completely ellipsed, so that only qua can be heard. Similar phenomenon can also be seen with hôm nay (today).