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hagbut (plural hagbuts)

  1. (obsolete) An arquebus, a firearm with a long barrel.
    • 1797, John Pinkerton, The History Of Scotland From The Accession Of The House Of Stuart to that of Mary[1], volume 2, page 407:
      A few culverins and hagbuts were the unwieldy fire-arms, then borne by the ſoldiers.
    • 1889, Register, Volume 9, H. M. General Register House, Scotland, page 301,
      [] Wilkine Johnnstoun of Aschescheillis, William Douglas of Reidhous, Robert Dynwiddie in Kirkmichaell, and Johnne Robsoun there, almost continually since April 1610 have worn hagbuts and pistolets and used them for their revenge on persons against whom they have quarrel.
    • 1897, George Francis Scott Elliot, The Border Elliots and the Family of Minto[2], page 187:
      [] they resisted and shot forth of the said house twenty shot of hagbuts and pistolets, and slew one of the Guard named Bailye, and would neither render themselves nor come forth of the house till fire was raised about it.

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