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ho- (space, area, things) + -Ø- (3rd person subject prefix) + -l- (classifier)-neʼ (durative imperfective stem of root -NEʼ, “to tell”).



  1. he/she is
  2. he/she is talking about, recounting, telling about (is used with bee “about” and bił “to whom”)
    Bee nił hodeeshnih.I will tell you about it.
    Shee yił halneʼ.He tells him about me.
  3. he/she is interpreting, translating
  4. (with hazhóʼó) he/she explains it (the object is referred by baa)
    Hazhóʼó baa hweeshneʼ.I explained it.


Paradigm: Durative (Ø/yi).

IMPERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person hashneʼ hwiilneʼ dahwiilneʼ
2nd person hólneʼ hołneʼ dahołneʼ
3rd person halneʼ dahalneʼ
4th person hojilneʼ dahojilneʼ
PERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person hweeshneʼ hwiilneʼ dahwiilneʼ
2nd person hwíínílneʼ hoołneʼ dahoołneʼ
3rd person hoolneʼ dahoolneʼ
4th person hojoolneʼ dahojoolneʼ
FUTURE singular duoplural plural
1st person hodeeshnih hodiilnih dahodiilnih
2nd person hodíílnih hodoołnih dahodoołnih
3rd person hodoolnih dahodoolnih
4th person hozhdoolnih dahozhdoolnih
ITERATIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person náháshnih náhwiilnih nídahwiilnih
2nd person náhólnih náhółnih nídahołnih
3rd person náhálnih nídahalnih
4th person náhojilnih nídahojilnih
OPTATIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person hóshneʼ hoolneʼ dahoolneʼ
2nd person hóólneʼ hoolneʼ dahoolneʼ
3rd person hólneʼ dahólneʼ
4th person hojólneʼ dahojólneʼ

Related terms[edit]

  • PERFECTIVE: -neʼ
  • FUTURE: -nih
  • ITERATIVE: -nih
  • OPTATIVE: -neʼ