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hatefuck (plural hatefucks)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Alternative form of hate fuck
    • 2008 (August 24, David Willis, Shortpacked!:
      Amber O'Malley "For your information, Mike and I pound each other every night in the most epic of hatefucks."
    • 2008, Daniel Maurer, Brocabulary, HarperCollins (2008), →ISBN, page 144:
      Fighcking is totally different from your classic hatefuck — as opposed to hating her but still wanting to fuck, you hate fighting with her and would rather fuck.
    • 2009, James Greenberg, "The Greenberg Guide: Part 3", Obiterdicta, 2 March 2009:
      You don't want this girl as your wifey, but you kind of want her to stop talking shit about you. Hey, maybe you can even get a hatefuck out of it.
    • 2011, "Lisa-Skye Is Not Like Other Boys", The Inpress Guide to the 25th Melbourne International Comedy Festival, page 36:
      Looks like product of a hatefuck between Dawn French, a peacock, and a snickers bar.


hatefuck (third-person singular simple present hatefucks, present participle hatefucking, simple past and past participle hatefucked)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Alternative form of hate fuck
    • 2009, Zak Smith, We Did Porn: Memoir and Drawings, Tin House Books (2009), →ISBN, page 277:
      [] and you'd keep wanting to leave and then you'd hatefuck Dwight and then when you got home he would e-mail you for years after and ask for naked pictures and you'd know he was an asshole.
    • 2010, Lauren Leto & Ben Bator, Texts From Last Night: All the Texts No One Remembers Sending, Gotham Books (2010), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      I just hatefucked a Bush administration appointee. Now having celebratory mimosas.
    • 2012, Kol, Fools, Xlibris (2012), →ISBN, page 37:
      "Is that why every girl you meet wants to be hatefucked?"
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