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Alternative forms[edit]


head trip (plural head trips)

  1. (informal) An experience or set of experiences which is intellectually challenging or stimulating.
    • 2009 July 10, Martin Fletcher, "Beware Invisible Cows, By Andy Martin" (book review), The Independent (UK) (retrieved 23 Aug 2014):
      Not that Martin is a sun-bleached hippie philosopher, but his book is a head-trip as well as a hugely entertaining travel adventure along the eccentric orbits of cosmological research.
  2. (informal) A disorienting, exciting experience, especially one consisting mainly of striking sensory impressions.
    • 1994 March 6, William Grimes, "Thing: Sleight Of Eye," New York Times (retrieved 23 Aug 2014):
      Part picture book, part head trip. "Magic Eye" presents 22 color images called "single-image random-dot stereograms." When looked at in a certain way, they spring mind-bending surprises on the viewer.
    • 2007, Richard Corliss, "DVD and Conquer: 2001: A Space Odyssey," Time (retrieved 23 Aug 2014):
      An essay on man's destiny, the film was for some of its late-60s viewers a light show, a head trip, needing no earthbound explanations.
  3. (informal) A state of mind in which one is distracted, disturbed, or unnerved, whether self-induced or resulting from ill-treatment by others.
  4. (informal) An ego trip.



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