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From height +‎ -ism


heightism (uncountable)

  1. (informal) A prejudiced attitude about human height that often results in discrimination, based on the belief that unusually short or tall people are inferior and undesirable.
    • 1976: Robert Marsh Kloss, Ron E. Roberts, Dean S. Dorn, Sociology with a Human Face: Sociology as If People Mattered
      It is obvious that the dimensions of inequality could be extended to include a great many differences such as heightism where people who are taller are superior to people who are shorter, and so forth.
    • 2001: James C. Peterson, Genetic Turning Points: The Ethics of Human Genetic Intervention
      There might be reinforcement of already harmful social evils such as heightism and racism.
    • 2005: Betty M. Adelson, The Lives of Dwarfs: Their Journey from Public Curiosity Toward Social Liberation
      Given this background, how can dwarfs, beset by beautyism, heightism, and a succession of slights, move toward positive body images and self-esteem?