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helio- +‎ seismology.


helioseismology (uncountable)

  1. The study of the propagation of pressure waves in the Sun.
    • 1989, John N. Bahcall, Neutrino Astrophysics, Cambridge University Press, page 104,
      Helioseismology, like terrestrial seismology, provides information about the interior of the body under study by using observations of slight motions on the surface.
    • 2003, Alexander Kosovichev, Helioseismic Observations of Plasma Motions in the Solar Convection Zone, R. Erdélyi, K. Petrovay, B. Roberts, Markus Aschwanden (editors), Turbulence, Waves and Instabilities in the Solar Plasma: Proceedings of the NATO Research Workshop, Kluwer Academic, page 57,
      Helioseismology provides unique information about the global dynamics of the Sun and local flows in active regions in the upper convection zone.
    • 2012, T. L. Duvall, Jr., S. M. Hanasoge, Subsurface Supergranular Vertical Flows as Measured Using Large Distance Separations in Time-Distance Helioseismology, Solar Physics, reprinted in 2014, Nagi N. Mansour, Alexander G. Kosovichev, Rudolf Komm, Dana Longcope (editors), Solar Dynamics and Magnetism from the Interior to the Atmosphere, Springer, page 71,
      We find that the large-separation travel times associated with supergranulation cannot be studied using the standard phase-speed filters of time–distance helioseismology.

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