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heretike (plural heretikes)

  1. Archaic spelling of heretic.
    • 1563, John Foxe, Foxe's Book of Martyrs
      The examination of Iohn Iackeson, had before Doct. Cooke, the xi. day of March. Anno.1556. FIrst when I came before him, he rayled on me, and called me heretike. I aunswered and saide: I am no heretike.
    • 1604 Reverend Cawdrey Table Aleph:
      held that a 'Nicholaitan is an heretike, like Nicholas, who held that wiues should bee commmon to all alike.'
    • 1611, Theophilus Higgons, Reasons proving the lawfulness of the Oath of Allegiance
      "I speake out of perfect knowledge, because presently after this Popes death I my selfe was in Rome: and as Honorius Pope, was by three generall Councels accounted a Monothelite Heretike for his hereticall and doctrinall Epistles, which he wrote to Sergius Patriarke, and by him to the East Churches with divers other Popes, whose erroneous doctrinall Epistles cannot bee denied, nor by any meanes excused from errour or heresie, unlesse by some such a Golias, who will adventure after the censure of three Generall councels, and divers Popes to defend Honorius from being an Heretike," Ref The Christian History Institute.