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hermaphroditic +‎ -ally


hermaphroditically (not comparable)

  1. In a hermaphroditic manner.
    • 1878, Samuel Butler, Life and Habit, Ballantyne, Hanson and Co., pages 28-29:
      For nature hates that any principle should breed, so to speak, hermaphroditically, but will give to each an help meet for it which shall cross it and be the undoing of it; as in the case of descent with modification, of which the essence would appear to be that every offspring should resemble its parents, and yet, at the same time, that no offspring should resemble its parents.
    • 1979, Adriano Zanetti, The World of Insects, Abbeville Press (1979), page 86:
      In normal sexual reproduction, whether performed by separate sexes or hermaphroditically, the two functions are generally combined in a pair.
    • 2004, Vanessa Smith, "Costume Changes: Passing at Sea and on the Beach", in Sea Changes: Historicizing the Ocean (eds. Bernhard Klein & Gesa Mackenthun), Routledge (2004), →ISBN, page 40:
      This cleft sentence in turn cleaves narrative genre: Baré's story, formerly an account of loyal masculine servitude, now proceeds as a feminine sentimental narrative, yet one in which she figures, hermaphroditically, as both distressed female and the masculine hero who rescues her.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:hermaphroditically.

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