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Derived from Hessian: so called due to long hair and warlike personality akin to that of the Hessian mercenaries.


hesher (plural heshers)

  1. (slang) A diehard enthusiast of heavy metal music.
    • 1994, SPIN, volume 9, number 12, page 30:
      You remember the heshers. Those guys who hung out in the back corner of the high-school parking lot, listening to the Scorps on the stereo in their souped-up Chevy Nova with the mag wheels and dual overhead cams.
    • 2012, Stewart Dean Ebersole; Jared Castaldi; David A. Ensminger, Barred for Life, page 76:
      To be a hesher, you blared the more rebellious Heavy Metal music of the day (AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept), drove a muddy pick-up truck to school every day, and wore a blue jean jacket and shit-kicker boots everywhere.
    That guy has long hair, rides a motorcycle, and wears t-shirts of his favorite heavy metal bands with a leather jacket to his college classes. He is a hesher.

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