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Various hexactinellids


hexactinellid (plural hexactinellids)

  1. Any of the many sponges of class Hexactinellida, which have hexactine spicules; a glass sponge.
    • 2007, S. P. Leys, et al., The Biology of Glass Spomges, David W. Sims (series editor), Advances in Marine Biology, Volume 52, page 78,
      Spicules of hexactinellids are nearly indistinguishable from those of demosponges in most measured characteristics.
    • 2012, Joachim Reitner, Helmut Keupp (editors), Fossil and Recent Sponges, page 5,
      But Aka is also found in skeletons of hexactinellids and lithistids in Jurassic sponge mounds.
    • 2015, Dennis Holley, General Zoology: Investigating the Animal World[1], page 193:
      The skeleton of a hexactinellid is composed entirely of silica in the form of six-pointed siliceous spicules. [] Hexactinellids are completely sessile; even the larvae seem to display no movement outside of their ability to disperse small distances with currents.


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