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hiccory (plural hiccories)

  1. Archaic spelling of hickory.
    • 1857, John Benwell, An Englishman's Travels in America[1]:
      Had the tornado burst upon us, instead of passing off as it did, it is very doubtful whether the hand that writes this would not have been mingled with its native dust, in the arid sands of Florida; for, as we rode on, we saw gigantic pine, cedar, and hiccory trees, torn up by the roots, and scattered over the surrounding country, by by-gone hurricanes, many of them hundreds of yards from the spot that nurtured their roots--while the gnarled branches lying across our track, scorched black-with the lightning, or from long exposure to a burning sun, impeded our advance, and made the journey anything but pleasant.
    • 1843, Frederick Marryat, Monsieur Violet[2]:
      There the oak and hiccory grow tall and beautiful, but the general appearance of the country is poor, broken, and rugged.