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hieroglyph +‎ -ical


hieroglyphical (comparative more hieroglyphical, superlative most hieroglyphical)

  1. hieroglyphic: related to or resembling hieroglyphs
    • 1831, Thomas Carlyle, Sartor Resartus[1]:
      Nay, what is your Montesquieu himself but a clever infant spelling Letters from a hieroglyphical prophetic Book, the lexicon of which lies in Eternity, in Heaven?
    • 1835, An Oxonian, Thaumaturgia[2]:
      Indisputable historical facts, recorded in this invaluable book, were treated by them as hieroglyphical symbols of chemical processes: and the fundamental truths of the christian religion were applied, in a wanton and blasphemous manner, to the purposes of making gold, and distilling the elixir of life.
    • 1874, Charles Kingsley, All Saints' Day and Other Sermons[3]:
      It is an hieroglyphical and shadowed lesson of the whole world, and of the creatures of God.
    Pages no better than blanks to common minds, to his, hieroglyphical of wisest secrets. — Prof. Wilson.
    An hieroglyphical scrawl. — Sir Walter Scott.