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A nonstandard respelling; considering fairly recent citations, possibly reinforced by "Jungle Hijinxs", the name of the first level of the popular 1994 video game Donkey Kong Country.


hijinxs pl (plural only)

  1. (humorous, nonstandard, uncommon) Alternative form of hijinks
    • TC Phillips, Greg Chapman, LJ McLeod, B.M. Whitton, Lana Lea, Bryce Euston, Bee Neilsen, Scott G. Gibson, Behold the Nightmare, Lulu.com (→ISBN)
      “You know those movies where the goofy housemate reads a book of spells on Halloween and hijinxs ensue?” Jill said. Ben stared at her, eyes wary, his body tense as he waited for her to continue."
    • 2001, Leo F. White, Dirty Pictures, BookBaby (→ISBN)
      "Peter Clifford needs to take down Mike Brunley and his carnival of carnal hijinxs to make Upton's exposure truly sensational. If this is accomplished then Peter Clifford will see the door to greater opportunity open for him and, as we well know , ..."
    • 2005, Susan Cramer, Confessions of a Special Ed Teacher, Trafford Publishing (→ISBN), page 63:
      "[S]ocial hijinxs was kept pretty much to a minimum. We had a lot of fun, but we pretty much knew when not to cross the line. We never hurt anyone or did harm to any property."
    • 2009, Sara Angelini, Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy, Sourcebooks, Inc. (→ISBN), page 346:
      —Lancaster Sunday News, “For hijinxs and crazy shenanigans that'll leave you chuckling to the bewilderment of those around you, I highly suggest this book.” — Love Romance Passion “A light-hearted romp ofa book...”
    • 2016, Kimberly Bratton, Donald Trump: An American Love-fest, Lulu Press, Inc (→ISBN)
      "Iowa just continued its streak of picking the notnominee. In addition his voting " violation" flier, and now these caucus hijinxs lend credence to what his other scumbag politician jerks have said about him being a bigger jerk."