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hippie +‎ -tastic



hippietastic (comparative more hippietastic, superlative most hippietastic)

  1. (informal) Very hippieish.
    • 2008, Cecily von Ziegesar, You Just Can't Get Enough, Poppy (2008), ISBN 9780316040679, unnumbered page:
      She loved her hippietastic mom but wasn't quite sure she was ready to introduce her Constance friends to her.
    • 2011, Anna Minard, "Buy a Locally Made Album This Year Instead of Some Mainstream Shit", The Stranger, 7 December 2011:
      Her new album, Thunder Thighs, continues in the same lo-fi, oversharing, hippietastic, totally genius vein you've come to love, with lyrics like "I feel like I'm unloading when I'm loading up the car/I feel like I'm exploding when I'm holding my guitar."
    • 2012, Olivia Duell, "Slopeside Summer", Slope, Spring 2012, page 14:
      Once inside the fairgrounds, you can escape the world for a few days, as the festival offers campgrounds and food stands. Like Ithaca Fest, Grassroots provides a quirky, relaxed, community atmosphere not without its hippietastic moments.
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